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Howdy and welcome to my website. This page will hopefully be a place for displaying my ongoing academic endeavors,
professional activities and personal interests. Please take a look around.

Email: rcmclemore@gmail.com

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My general interests at the moment include mediated landscapes, consumption culture, and modern/postmodern urbanism.
Regionally, I am focused on the United States and South Asia, particularly India.

Areas of Specialization:austin billboard

Media and Cinematic Geography

Cities and Consumption

Cultural Landscapes

Graduate Research:

Outdoor Advertising

My master's thesis research concerned the unique geographic dimensions of outdoor advertising (i.e. billboards) and their impact on India's urban landscape.

Community of Geographers:

Paul Adams, University of Texas at Austin William Doolittle, University of Texas at Austin

Jan Nijman, University of Miami Chris Lukinbeal, Arizona State University

Dale Lightfoot, Oklahoma State University Ingolf Vogeler, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire

My string of Geography Departments:

Miami Geography
UT-Austin University of Miami
(1999-2002) (2002-2003) (2005-2007)

Geography related links:
Association of American Geographers (AAG)
Royal Geographic Society
Georgaphy Departments Worldwide
Places Online
Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP)

AAG Specialty Groups:
Communication Geography
Urban Geography
Asian Geography
Cultural Geography

Maps and Cartography:
National Geographic
Perry-Castaneda Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
National Atlas

McLemore Photography

Photography is a primary method of engaging place. While traveling, I feel a compulsion to constantly carry my camera.
Nothing seems more stimulating than leaving the street map in my bag and simply wandering...allowing the possibility for
spontaneous discoveries.

I want to say how we are grateful for your difficult work; we commend you for your leadership role and for your relentless help of this lifesaving legislation.

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Rosewood Chiropractic

Below are a few pages with slideshows exhibiting some of my recent pictures:

India England Texas South Florida

sunset street sign

Urban Wall Art Miscellaneous Photos

Photographers and photo projects:

McCurry afghan girl Steve McCurry: One of the world's leading photographers concentrating on the landscapes and cultures of South and Southeast Asia.
His book South Southeast from 2000 is truly moving. McCurry is most famous for an enormously powerful portrait of an Afghan girl
originally placed on National Geographic's June 1985 cover. He rediscovered the girl in 2002, fully matured and with a family, on a
subsequent trip to Afghanistan. Years of strife and hard labor are clearly recognizable on her face. Another of McCurry's books
entirely focuses on the Monsoons of India, an annual and jubliant event I was fortunate to recently experience...and endure.

Annie Griffiths Belt: Another National Geographic contributer whose extraordinary and prolific carrer has taken him to Egypt,
China, and the Vatican.

Peshawar, Pakistan 1984 McCurry

Salgado woman
Sabastiao Salgado: A truly remarkable photographer originally from Brazil who travels worldwide documenting
the migrations and desperations of common workers. Salgado can definitely be considered an honorific
geographer, given his diverse and tireless work on the globe's megacities, persecuted refugees, and indigenous
cultures. Look for layouts of his trademark black and white photos in Rolling Stone magazine.

Nachtwey time

Sasbastiao Salgado

James Nachtwey: A contract photographer for TIME magazine since 1984 and a central member of the Magnum photo agency.

Lange migrant mother

The Family of Man: Originally an exhibit of photos collected by Edward Steichen and presented at the Museum of Modern Art
New Y
ork City in 1955 and subsequently collated into a book. The selection of powerful images continue to pack a punch even
today. Few, if any, achievements better depict the human experience from heights of joy and celebration to depths of war and

Dorothea Lange

National Geographic Photocamp: Annual effort to give high school students from underprivileged areas an opportunity to
photograph their community.
The University of Miami School of Communication sponsored a few camps in South Florida and Mexico.

Briski kolkata

Kids with Ca
meras: Non-profit organization that teaches the art of photography to marginalized children in
communities around the world.

Zana Briski

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